Welcome to the Oboe Studio of Erin Webber!Erin Webber


I am a free-lance oboist, reed maker and teacher in the San Antonio area. I live here with my husband, three cats, a bunny, a bearded dragon and a betta fish.

Need an oboist? Contact me via email at erinsoboestudio@gmail.com and check out my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/webberoboestudio.com!

A bit about me…

Currently, I am principal oboist with Symphony Viva, South Texas Symphonic Orchestra, San Antonio Sinfonietta and the San Antonio Symphonic Band. I have also performed extensively in the area with groups such as the Symphony of the Hills, Laredo Philharmonic, Victoria Symphony Orchestra, and the UIW Orchestra. I have also played with several theaters in town, such as the Woodlawn and Playhouse San Antonio.

I hold a Master of Music Performance degree from Arizona State University, where I studied oboe with Professor Martin Schuring. After graduation, I continued studying oboe adjustment and reed making with David Weber of Weber Reeds, Inc. While living in Arizona, I held the position of principal oboe with the Scottsdale Philharmonic Orchestra and co-principal with Arizona Pro Arte Ensemble; played with numerous other groups such as the Tempe Symphony and the Scottsdale Arts Orchestra; gave several professional recitals; and built a thriving studio of oboe and piano students.

Ierin oboe tv hold a Bachelor of Music Performance degree from Western Kentucky University, where I studied oboe and English horn with Dr. Michele Fiala. During my time at Western, I appeared as a soloist with the WKU Wind Ensemble and with the Bowling Green Western Symphony Orchestra. I also studied composition with Dr. Michael Kallstrom, and composed two chamber works which are available through TrevCo-Varner Music: “The Journey” and “Overheard on a Saltmarsh.”









13 Responses to Home

  1. Rowena speight says:

    Good afternoon. I am interested in purchasing two reeds for beginners. Got you info from Sara Bates. My daughter is one if her students. Which is the fastest way to order the reeds from you. Thanks. Rowena Speight 5127917232 Rowena sprightly shop.com


  2. Shannon says:

    I would like details and rates about your private lesson options. My daughter will be in beginner band in the fall and wants to play oboe (6th grade). Her father was a band director for 30 years and I played oboe as a student all through school. We both know private lessons are critical for her as a beginner. We live about 70 miles from San Antonio. Thank you for your time.


  3. Katie Stevens says:

    I played in high school, then pick back up several years later with the San Antonio municipal band. I was renting an oboe from Alamo music. I am interested in purchasing my own elbow but need help with reads and learning how to make my own reads. I would be interested in weekly lessons if you are available. I am I live on the northwest Side of town and I’m looking to get better at elbow and build up my chops again so I can play for my church. In high school I made it to area band and first year region orchestra elbow and I was pretty good and I remember most things I just need help getting my basics back and my embouchure etc.


    • ewebber0808 says:

      Hi Katie – Thanks for your interest. Currently I do not have any teaching availability, and I also live on the opposite side of town. I would recommend getting in touch with River City Reeds if you are interested in purchasing an oboe, as they are located in Northwest San Antonio and have great instruments for sale.

      All the best –


    • Katie Stevens says:

      Sorry about the typos I was voice texting;)


  4. Janie says:

    Good afternoon,

    My son is a beginner oboe player at The Christian School at Castle Hills. I purchased some reeds online over amazon from a seller we purchased from before, but this time they were awful! Had to stop at music store to buy new ones today during my lunch break. I stopped to chat with his music teacher who admitted to not really knowing much about double reed instruments but suggested that I get reads locally instead of online or from the music store. And said he felt like we would benefit from private lessons. So I have a few questions:

    1) Are you available for lessons in our home? (we live in the 78231 area code (between shavano park and castle hills)

    2) what are your rates?

    3) Can you give me an idea of what your expected outcomes are from a certain number of lessons with a new student?

    4) if you are unavailable, can you recommend anyone else?

    We are also interested in purchasing new reeds. I picked up 3 today since he sometimes breaks them unexpectedly. But I would like his next reed to be from someone who made it here locally.




  5. Christi Brandt says:

    Thank you for the reeds. They are the best she has every had and it is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Christi Brandt


  6. Katie says:

    I would love a reed! When can I come by?


  7. Katie says:

    Need a reed for an upcoming concert and I play a 1927 Loree:) asap
    Please! Can I play on it and you whittle as needed?


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