I have taught private music lessons for over twelve years. My greatest motivation is sharing my love of music. I always strive to show my students how exciting and fun mastering an instrument can be!

erin oboe tea

I offer oboe lessons for beginner through advanced students of any age. Lesson time is  spent on long tones, scales, etudes and solos, as well as on topics such as adjusting oboe reeds, basic oboe adjustment and maintenance, and listening to recordings of well-known oboists. Training in reed making is introduced when the student is both adequately prepared and strongly interested. I strive to instill effective and efficient practice methods, for success outside of lessons. Mastering the oboe is a rewarding experience!

erin and ruby

Lessons can take place either at my in-home studio or in the student’s home, if it is within my driving range. For pricing information or to set up a trial lesson, contact me via email at erinsoboestudio@gmail.com.


2 Responses to Lessons

  1. Keith Wichinski says:

    Hi Erin my name is Keith and I would like to inquire about private lessons with you


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